Antique Pocket Watches

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  • Antique 14k Solid Gold Waltham Pocket Watch, 16s, 15j, Hunter Case, Run, 84 Grams
  • Antique Cartier Solid 18k Gold Open Face Pocket Double Chapter Ring Watch With Fob
  • Antique 14k Gold Pocket Watch With Chain T-bar Key Roman Numerals Open Face Rare
  • Antique Victorian Solid 18k Yellow Gold Enamel Flower Diamond Pocket Watch Brooc
  • Antique 1898 Gold Filled Waltham Hunter Pocket Watch
  • 1901 Antique Waltham Solid 14k Yellow Gold 9932 Hunter Pocket Watch 43.8g Floral
  • Antique Elgin 14k Multi Colored Gold Diamond Ladies Pocket Watch Estate
  • Rare Antique Elgin 14k Hunter Solid Gold Case Pocket Watch Circa 1887
  • Antique Victorian 14kgf Double Hunter Elgin Pocket Watch Withslide Chain &orig Box
  • Rare 1925 Longines 3 Gold Stars Vintage Antique Pocket Watch Running
  • Vintage Antique 14k Solid Gold Elgin Pocket Watch (2cw)
  • Antique 14k Waltham Carved Swirl Ribbon Hunters Case Men's Pocket Watch