Antique Pocket Watches

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  • Elgin High Grade 15 Jewel Full Hunter 1919. Engine Turned Case
  • Antique Pocket Watch Pair Cases, Verge Ottoman Dial George Prior, C1790
  • Antique Pocket Watch Gold Box Case, France, C1800
  • Antique Pocket Watch Cylinder, Jump Hour, Digital Minutes, Le Roy, Paris C1820
  • Antique Pocket Watch -silver Pair Cases- Ellicott, London, 1775
  • Antique Pocket Watch, Silver Pair Cases, Verge, Champleve Dial London, C1700
  • Antique Pocket Watch, Gold Repousse Pair Cases, London, C1750
  • Antique Pocket Watch, Silver Pair Cases, Verge, Calendar- Kipling, London, C1720
  • Antique Gold & Enamel Pocket Watch, Verge Paris, C1780
  • Antique Pocket Watch Silver Pair Cases, Champleve London, C1700
  • Antique Gold And Enamel Pocket Watch, London, C1820
  • Ladies Victorian Converted Wristwatch Circa 1890
  • Antique Pocket Watch Silver Cased Slow Beat Lever By Thomas Yates, 1867
  • Beautiful London Made Fusee Pocket Watch 1867 With Edinburgh Signature
  • Gold Antique Pocket Watch Verge, Charles Goode, London, 1728
  • Gold Antique Pocket Watch Spring Detent Chronometer Barraud, C1815
  • Antique Cast Metal Pocket Watch Stand/holder Plus Antique Doxa Pocketwatch
  • 1889 Large Fusee Hunter Pocket Watch With Decorated Case